What Is A Business Blog | Amazingly Simple 8-Step User Guide

So what is a business blog you ask? And why would your business need one?

Well, look no further, in this article I will be explaining the 8 main reasons to start a business blog today.

But First the definition.

A Business Blog is a website or a page of a website that allows a company to connect with its visitors through written articles.

These articles are often related to the company’s industry or niche topic and are an important marketing strategy to grow for any business.

These article posts offer value to the reader by answering questions about the topic or niche the company relates to.

Furthermore, let’s say your website sells remote-controlled drones. You can create a blog post titled “10 safety Tips When Flying Drones”.

Writing helpful content that relates to your website will serve the visitor, and in turn, can help your website rank faster and show up higher in the search results.

What Kind Of Business Can Benefit From A Blog?

There are several types of businesses that can benefit from creating a blog and quality written content.

I believe that all businesses, whether they’re primarily online or are brick and mortar establishments, should create a blog.

Some Businesses That Should Create A Blog

E-Commerce Store Websites

  • A clothing apparel website can write about their new shirt design

Food Service Website

  • An Italian restaurant can write about the fresh ingredients used in their recipes

Local Service Website

  • Roofers can write about the importance of fixing shingle issues before they turn serious
  • AC Repair technicians can write about the importance of yearly maintenance calls
  • Plumbers can write about the importance of septic tank health

E-Learning Websites

  • Sell an online learning course teaching people how to run Facebook ads. Then, write a blog post about the benefits of selling Facebook ads services to local businesses.

Portfolio Websites

  • create a portfolio website that showcases your artwork. Next, write a blog post that explains the steps you took that allowed you to improve your artistic technique.

Corporate Businesses

  • Let’s say you own a shipping company. Write content that explains how your business has improved logistics and package tracking for your customers.

No matter what type of business you have, there will almost always be a topic you can write about that will hook your potential customers.

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8 Reasons Your Business Needs A Business Blog

There are several ways a blog can improve your business.

One of the best outcomes is being able to reach your readers, visitors, and potential future customers.

So, here are 8 reasons to create a business blog.

Improved Brand Recognition

  • When you create a business blog, potential customers can learn more about your company’s history, the services you offer, or just build trust by answering common questions.

Improved Search Rankings

  • By creating written content regularly that helps your readers, you’ll build trust with Google. This, in turn, can shoot your website up in the rankings.

Better Customer Relationships

  • When a customer knows more about the history of your company, or you are helpful and answered their question, then customers begin to respect and trust your website. This can be achieved by writing blog posts.

Helps Attract Future Customers or Clients

  • If you write helpful articles on the services or products you offer, you can easily attract new customers or clients to your website and turn them into buyers.

Makes Your Company More Relatable

  • By writing informal content, you can connect with people more than if you had no blog and simply had a corporate website with basic information.

Great Way To Add Additional Content

  • Writing articles for your business blog can make adding fresh, new, and relevant content to your website without having to build out new pages or menu links.

More Opportunity To Sell Products And Services

  • The more content you create for your business blog, the greater the opportunity to place links to other posts or even sales pages. This can increase sales in a big way.

Better Customer Interactions

  • With blog posts comes the opportunity for blog comments. Interacting with your readers is one of the best ways to turn website visitors into new customers.

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The Difference Between Blogging And Business Blogging

Typically a standard blog is a personal website that is updated by either a single person or a small group of people.

These blogs can be about your family vacations, recipes, affiliate marketing blogs, or just about anything else. Now, you can earn money from your blog.

This can be achieved by implementing affiliate links, selling courses, or even displaying Google ads on your website.

However, a business blog usually belongs to a larger business that employs many employees.

These can be blogs on an electrician’s website or a large corporate manufacturing company website.

A standard blog is generally the business itself, while a business blog utilizes a blog to enhance the core business.

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Steps To Start A Business Blog

Perform Keyword Research

  • The first step is to research your keyword or article topic. This can be performed by doing a simple Google search.
  • Question keywords work very well as they help solve a problem if answered correctly. For instance, if you sell dirt bikes, you can create an article titled, “what is the best dirt bike for cold climates”?
  • You would then make the best piece of content you can by answering the question that people are asking in google search.

Create A Blog Schedule

  • If at all possible, try and write at least 30 article posts for your blog. A great way to not get writer’s block is to plan out each blog article title ahead of time before you even start writing your first blog post.
  • Once you have at least 30 article titles planned out, you can move on to the next step.

Perform Heading Research

  • An important part of any blog article is adding headings. Headings not only break up your content into easy-to-digest parts but will also help guide you in writing your blog.
  • Not to mention, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits are astronomical.
  • To help find heading titles simply place your blog title in the search bar. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • There you will find the “Searches related to” function. The search terms listed here can make great blog headings. Just make sure they’re relevant and help the reader.

Write Each Blog Post Heading Ahead Of Time

  • Next, we’re are going to do the same thing with heading titles as we did with blog titles. We are going to write out all of our heading titles ahead of time for each blog article.
  • This will make writing blog articles more structured and less hectic in the long run.

Properly SEO Each Blog Post

  • One of the most important steps when creating a blog article is performing SEO.
  • Search engine optimization is the act of providing search engines with a particular set of information so they can begin to place you higher in the search results but only if you make great content.
  • Some examples of on-page SEO factors are having your keyword in the title.
  • Creating Long-form content, or content that is over 2,500 words.
  • Make sure your article’s permalink is set to “post name”.
  • Most importantly, just help the reader and offer huge value.

Answer All Blog Comments

  • Answering all blog comments is crucial in starting a successful business blog. There is usually a good reason a visitor is leaving a comment on one of your blog posts. These reasons can be any of the following.
  • They have a question about your product or service
  • They are complimenting your blog article
  • They are offering constructive criticism of your article
  • They need further information on a question you answered
  • No matter their question, it’s important to always answer and answer professionally. This will build trust as well as prove you care.

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Common Misconceptions About Business Blogging

There are many misconceptions and mental roadblocks some business owners put forth that could not be further from the truth.

These objections can not only slow down progress when building your blog but also might stop you from even starting your business blog.

So, to avoid these issues here are some of the most common misconceptions about business blogging so can easily avoid them.

My Business Won’t Benefit From A Blog

Probably not true. Almost any business, whether they currently have an online presence or not, can benefit from adding a blog page to their business website.

Blogs simply offer too many benefits to not add one to your website.

Answer these questions? Do you want more customers and sales?

Better brand recognition, and more online trust?

If so, then a business blog is for you.

Blogging Is Difficult

Blogging is quite simple.

You research article topics for your blog and create helpful posts that answer popular questions.

However, building a business blog takes hard and consistent work.

You need to at least write 30 to 60 articles on your website for maximum reach.

Just remember not to give up.

That is the whole idea of pre-planning blog posts ahead of time so you have an easy-to-follow roadmap to stick to when times get rough.

Blogging Is For Small Recipe Websites - Web Graphic

Blogging Is Only For Small Recipe Websites, Right?

Nope. While recipe websites can benefit greatly from a blog, they aren’t the only ones.

As I have stated previously, any business can benefit from a blog.

I really can’t think of any business that wouldn’t benefit from creating a blog.

This means, what are you waiting for. Go create one today.

I can Ignore My Visitor’s Questions And Comments

This is a big no-no.

You absolutely cannot ignore your readers and their questions.

This is a sure-fire way to gain resentment from your readers.

Always answer every question to the best of your ability.

Not only will your readers appreciate it but you can also use the questions readers ask to make new and helpful content.

I Don’t Have To Promote My Blog

Not true.

Especially for new blogs, you’ll need to promote your blog articles on social media, your email lists, and paid ads.

This will not only help your blog gain traction early but will also build good promotional habits for all your new content

What Is A Business Blog – The Conclusion

If you’re still in doubt if a business blog is right for you, then listen to this.

If there were a way to build brand trust and recognition, rank higher in the search engines, and sell more products or services, would you implement it?

Well, when you build a blog for your website, these are the benefits that you could see with enough time and effort.

It won’t be easy, but it’s well worth it.

But what if you don’t have an established business, can you still start a blog?

Absolutely, I wrote an article about building a WordPress website that you can read by clicking here.

With that said, I hope this article gave you some inspiration and maybe even persuade you to build a business blog.

Thank you very much for stopping by and have a great day.

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